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Here’s the real question about our “Amnesia” escape room in Portland: Will you lose your mind — or have you already lost it. Here’s the premise: You wake up in a white laboratory. You have no recollection of how you got there. You’re told that you agreed to participate in a clinical trial. And yet … and yet … well, it feels like you’ve done this before. But how can that be? Is your mind playing tricks on you? Or is someone playing tricks on your mind? Are they playing games with your mind? Is it all in your head? And most important of all, can you gather your thoughts together in time to make your escape? It must be amnesia

Either that or you’re losing your mind. Just don’t lose your head! You and your team have only 60 minutes to work out the puzzles placed before you. After that, you may be lost for good, unable to bring yourself back from the brink. If you could only remember how you got here …

“The Amnesia room was the best escape experience our family has had… It was perfect! Challenging puzzles and everyone had a great time.”

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“While the simplicity of the set could have been terrible, it worked in Amnesia… There was more depth to Amnesia than we initially realized.”

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4-12 Players

$36 per Player

Amnesia Room Success Rate
  • 30% 30%
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