Escape Games PDX is a fun, exciting and challenging interactive escape game that you can challenge with friends, family, and co-workers. You have 60 minutes to work together: find the clues, crack the code and solve the puzzle to win! Switch up your date nights, show your out-of-town friends a great time, have the best birthday party memory or celebrate your upcoming wedding with a uniquely awesome bachelor or bachelorette party!

Escape Games PDX will have you enthralled with creative puzzles, unique challenges, and cool ciphers which put your wits to the test. Are you game?

Anyone Can Escape!

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Tourists and Travelers

Make your trip to Portland a special memory! Get a concentrated taste of PDX in our Portlandia room!

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Friends and Families

Team up and make memories for parties, celebrations, or just for fun!

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Companies and Teambuilds

Put your heads together and learn to work better as a team while your have a blast!

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Experienced Geeks

Tackled other rooms? Think you’re smart enough to make it on the leaderboard? Prove it!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Should I Expect?

Expect to be challenged and have fun! Only about 37% of the team’s escape in time!

The game itself is at most 60 minutes-you will not get any more time, even if you beg, bribe and butter us up! The entire experience will be closer to 90 minutes and will include an introduction to escape games and what to look for to be successful in the room as well as a walk through of the game at the end to show you any clues you might have missed if you fail to escape the room.

This game requires you to think and communicate with others-I know its a lot to ask in this tech- heavy world but it is also a ton of fun and you will find yourself so enthralled in the game and its challenges that you will wonder how quickly those 60 minutes went by!

The games do not require any crazy feats of strength and you need not have graduated Summa Cum Laude to be successful. The most successful groups are those that communicate well, think simply and straightforward, and are very thorough in their searches and their thought process.

You will not need to know any specific trivia or facts. There might be an occasional riddle or some simple math to do but you will be able to solve every clue that comes your way if you just think a bit.

Our Game Masters will also be able to help you with clues if you ask for them-this isn’t meant to be mission unsolvable but the rooms aren’t meant to be easy either. You will have your skills and smarts tested (but way better than any other test you’ve had to take in the past!).

What Happens If I'm Late?


Please arrive 15 minutes before your game starts. Punctuality is key! To be respectful of the other players, if you arrive more than 5 minutes late for your game, you will not be able to play.

Escape Games PDX does not offer refunds or exchanges within 72 hours of your game (barring a catastrophic emergency).

Why Is There A Suggested Amount of Players for Each Room?

Each room has a minimum number of players suggested. We make this suggestion to give every team a fighting chance but you could always challenge yourself and see if you are better and faster than the rest. If the minimum is not met, we will contact you and it will be up to you if you want to play or try to reschedule another time. You will be allowed to play, even if the minimum is not met-it’s up to you and your level of daring.

Will There Be Other People Playing Too?

If you book the entire room, you will have the room to yourself but if there are open spots, you may get paired with other groups. This actually can be super fun and you meet some really cool people at the same time!

Can I Have More Than The Suggested Amount of Players?

We cannot go over the maximum amount of players both for your own safety and for your amount of fun to be had!

What is the Age Limit?

The games are somewhat difficult and children under the age of 14 will most likely have a hard time with it. However, if you rent the entire room out and book all the slots available, your kids of all ages are welcome as long as there is adult supervision. We also ask to have at least 1 adult in the room with any groups under the age of 16. All kids under the age of 18 will need to have a Minor Waiver signed as well.

What if I Want to Play During a Time or Day That Isn't Listed?

Contact us and we will work with you and your team to arrange a time to play that works. We can do private events outside of our normal hours with 24 hours notice. BONUS: if you book the entire room on one card, you will instantly receive 15% off your booking!

Is Parking Available?

We have plenty of parking in our lot, located right in front of our entrance!

What Makes Your Rooms Unique?

First off, we have been fortunate to work with an amazing puzzle master, Tom Gazzola, who was a local legend and ridiculously clever and talented! He will be greatly missed and we hope to honor him with some fun hidden clues that he helped design.

Second, we have a great combination of straightforward clues, harder codes to crack, and multi layered puzzles as well as some added surprises. Most of our clues have been custom made and hand crafted to provide the most “wow” experience for you and your group. We have something for everyone to feel like they are helping to solve the mysteries. If it’s your first escape game ever or you have played every room you come across, you will thoroughly enjoy it! We will be adding more rooms and themes over the year so please come back and play them all with your friends, family or co-workers!

What If I Need to Get Out of the Room Before Time is Up?

You will not be, in fact, “locked” in the room. At anytime, you will be able to leave the room. We encourage you to stay the entire time and get the full experience but if you must leave for any reason, you will be able to immediately. This is not meant to be a scary experience but there is a level of thrill and mystery, but its mostly just a ton of fun!!

I've Still Got Questions!

Excellent! We’d be happy to answer all of them for you. Just give us a call or send us an email and we will make sure you are all set.
You can reach us through our CONTACT page.